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UPDATE: I lost data, but I found a decrypter! I can fix my games. :D I quit game contest making because I can not make a bug free game for a contest in that short of amount of time. I will make NEW games using RPG Game Maker MV that are NOT apart of contests, so that they can be of higher quality! Thanks! The games themselves are Puzzlers with a RPG bent. The Large game I'm making will be more RPG'ish with lots of elements from all the games I've made. I'm currently working on a Library so that I can whip out games faster because I'll have the groundwork already done. Takes Time to play: Zevy's Puzzlers - Sudoku based. Should work if you solve the Sudoku problem properly. Zevy's University - Sokoban game. Might work. I've not playtested it beyond the Sokoban part of game yet. Is a long game! Extremely SHORT game! Non Compus Mentus Destruens - Fixed! And now works! Only exe file! No zips.

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