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Why Quit Now? Other factors.

JavaScript changed to JS3 and games were largely not written for JS3 resulting in some games not working. My own abilities to learn code further hampered this. Plus, I really couldn't afford the help I needed to make this work.
Eventually, I will put generators up here so those who love to write can get random words, phrases, plots or names to help you out.
I so prefer HTML5 but can't be bothered to convert this over. The left side will never equal the right side without it. lol




What Happened?! I LOVED this site!

This site never was completed because I realized that with my food allergies, I needed better recipes and should focus on that instead. In the process, I realized that there are many other people who need recipes for their unique diets as well. My apologies for those who were looking forward to this website.
The more I tried to work out my own diet and recipes for it, the more I realized I should not be eating. This in turn led me to find even more people in similiar situations. However, even the multi-allergy websites did have recipes that worked for most people with multiple allergies. I realized that I could never make money on this website - it was meant only as a hobby anyways - so I decided to start Allergic Vegetarian .

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